Spotify Sued By PacketVideo

The collaborator of Facebook has been sued by PacketVideo over patent violations and its music streaming technology. Spotify has recently collaborated with Facebook to provide online music to its users. The lawsuit claims that Spotify violates patents owned by PacketVideo which deal with “method of streaming music over data networks”.

Tech experts were waiting for something of this type to happen as the technology used by Spotify is not unique. Users might have noticed that Spotify, apart from providing music online, has no other USP.

The Britain based online music provider company has started its US services just 2 weeks back and in that short period of time, has a lawsuit up its sleeve.

Spotify said that it will strongly present its side as it is sure that no patent has been violates. The lawsuit has been filed in the Netherlands and San Diego which claim that Spotify has “deliberately” used PacketVideo’s technology.

Spotify is strongly contesting PacketVideo’s claims as according to it, its technology is “highly innovative, proprietary hybrid technology that incorporates peer-to-peer technology”.

Though a hearing has been scheduled, still an agreement could be made outside the court.

We’ll keep you updated on this matter.

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1 thought on “Spotify Sued By PacketVideo

  1. I used to be a devout Spotify member. Having signed up the day the service opened, it was excellent for about a year – as much music as I wanted, for free; the only problem were the ads, but for all that music, I didn’t care one bit!

    However, I lost all faith and support for Spotify when they introduced Premium, cut my listening time to 10 hours (I can do this in a few days, never mind a month!) restricted my listening time for each track to 5 plays, and started adding more and more ads.

    The service got greedy, and went against their initial loyal members. People are going to use other clients such as GrooveShark for their music. In my opinion, Spotify’s greed is what’s going to ruin it; I no longer even have the program on my computer system!

    Once again, excellent writing; most impressive.
    PLEASE keep writing! šŸ˜€
    Shall subscribe promptly to you. šŸ™‚

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