Adobe Releases HTML 5 Web Animation Tool

Adobe has launched a public preview of its HTML 5 web animation tool called Adobe Edge. It is basically a web motion and interaction design tool and it saw its release yesterday.

This is the first product of the company which enables users to create animated content without using Flash. A user can choose from HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for creating animated content.

The tech giant has made this software free of cost as it needs to have feedback from developers. This is the first ever web based animation tool which is specially designed for HTML 5.

There is an interesting fact related with the name of this software. This software and Adobe’s free newsletter share the same name, thus confusion may arise among users.

Adobe has made it clear that the Adobe Edge is meant to co-exist with the existing Web Design tools and it will not replace tools like Dreamweaver and Flash.

The launch of the Adobe Edge is a smart move by the software giant as it will give the San Jose based company an “edge” in the web design market.

Moreover unlike some of its other products, Adobe Edge is free of cost and believe it or not, this factor will certainly attract many users.

Photo Courtesy of sevenblock
Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk

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