Windows 8 Launching Next Year ?

Windows lovers are sure to get excited hearing this news. Rumor has it that Windows 8 is going to get released early next year. Though this rumor has been there for a while but still no one has been able to predict the exact date of its launch.

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and head of its Windows division recently announced that Windows 8 will be available sometime next year. During a speech at Developer’s Conference in Japan, he said that,”We’re obviously hard at work on the next version of Windows”.

If we believe the report’s findings, we could have Windows 8 at our doorstep in April 2012. One thing that should be noted here is that Microsoft has never admitted that the name of its new Windows is Windows 8. It has always referred to it as “The Next Generation Of Windows”.

Windows 8 will be compatible on any system which is compatible with Windows 7 which means that you won’t have to add any special hardware to your existing computer.

Windows 8 will feature a touch based mechanism which could be used easily on a wide variety of machines. It will also feature a tile interface, which is already deployed in Windows Phone 7. According to Microsoft,” The next generation of Windows will feature everything new ranging from chips to the interface”.

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Adobe Acquires EchoSign, An Online Electronic Signature Service

In a surprising move today, Adobe Systems acquired EchoSign, a developer of Web-based electronic signature platform. The details of the acquisition have not been made public yet.

According to Adobe’s Acrobat blog, the EchoSign technology “will be integrated with Adobe’s other document services including SendNow for managed file transfer, FormsCentral for form creation and CreatePDF for online PDF creation.”

This deal will help Adobe Systems to increase its consumer base as EchoSign reportedly has over 3 million users. Moreover, this move will enable Adobe to improve its document-handling software which is one of the main products of the company.

Though the use of electronic signatures is on rise, still, it hasn’t been able to see the mainstream. Now, since Adobe is going to enter this area, this sector will eventually grow, seeing the brand power of Adobe Systems.

Currently, EchoSign provides its services to many small and medium-sized businesses and its Application Programming Interface (API) is offered to the companies which enables them to integrate the signature technology with their own procedures for sending, tracking and signing of their documents.

Jason Lemkin, CEO of EchoSign, stated that, “Together, our aim is to make electronic signatures the standard way for people to sign documents and automate contracting.”

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